12 nights

by 3AM

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dreams, nightmares and sleepless nights

the cover art is probably gonna change


releases December 15, 2017



all rights reserved


3AM Finland

hi! i'm dreamingP, you can call me dreamy/dreami. i'm a vocaloid song producer.

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Track Name: sleepwalking
am i dreaming?
Track Name: sleep
stay awake
with me tonight
and be by my side
now while i
cry myself to sleep

and now
fall asleep
Track Name: The Magical Frog
a lonely girl is praying
she doesn't have much time
all alone she's praying
repeating like a nursery rhyme

in the garden all alone
until someone appeared
a frog, behind an old stone
the girls gloomy eyes cleared

"make a wish, anything for you"
that's what the frog said
after pondering the girl knew
"please, mr frog, be my friend"

but he had to go, he couldn't stay
he couldn't even hear her
"thank you so much for today"
he said "see you later"

goodbye my friend, i won't forget
the girl was fixed, not broken
the girl was happy, didn't fret
that's how she spent her last moment
Track Name: Wish
everything started out just fine
nothing to be afraid of
nothing to run from

now there's nothing i can hide
there's nothing i can do
i've become useless
everything's crashing down at once
i can not hold it up

show me what everyone wants to see

show me your one true wish
just tell me everything you've ever wanted to know
i'll tell you everything
that's my only wish

i'm sorry for everything
i cannot stay with you my dear
there's some things i didn't say
but i love you still the same

i'm sorry i was just a frog
Track Name: Lonely Mary
how many times already
have i called for help in vain?
dim, dim shadows and bright, bright lights
it all she hides from herself

if i fall in love will my sins be forgiven?
someone told me that long ago
i gave up love, i was not forgiven
alone in the sea i'm sailing

if i never get back then please
don't try to look for me, okay?
she has no place to run to
so she keeps calling for help once more

she wasn't always all by herself
but the other gave up a long time ago
she keeps smiling and sets her sail
to something better than the olden days

if these waves could sing with the girl...
in tears she sings of her loneliness

she is the lonely mary
she's drowning in her tears again
oh you, the lonely mary
who's drowning in her tears again
today her sorrow
is drowning in the blue sea again

she knows the world is not perfect
if it was she would've given up
others laughing, she is singing
that should haven't been her reality

since childhood she's been awfully quiet
as if she didn't exist at all
she kept on crying, hurting herself
she was a girl who wanted to be praised

if these waves could lead her the way...
in tears she didn't know what to expect

she is the lonely mary
she's drowning in her tears again
oh my dear lonely mary
who's drowning in her tears again
today her sorrow
is drowning in the blue sea again

it hurts, but she can't blame anyone
she is waiting until the sun rises again
it brightens up her world; she kept singing
she sang of forgiveness, sang of wishes
she is filled with something brighter than the sun
she became everything

she is the loved girl, mary
she's drowning in her tears again
mary sinking in the sea
and drowning in her tears again
wanted to be loved
by her laughing old friends
by her smiling parents
by her beloved planet
Track Name: GUILT
again, i did it again
i fucked up again
everyone's leaving
why is this happening?

what did i do?
how could i have angered you?
i fucked up again.
i'm so guilty.

can't escape the reality anymore.
face the truth, stand up and say
"im guilty". there's nothing i can do
i've done it now, i did this to you

i wish i could say i'm sorry
but my pride is too much
i can't do it
i'm not sorry 2x
Track Name: INSIDE
Hey check out
There’s nothing inside
Nothing inside

Hey shouldn’t
There be something inside
At least something

Rip my guts out
To see the inside
Guess there’s something
Something inside

See the inside
Touch the inside
Smell and taste my insides

Smell, look, repeat
Touch, look, repeat
Taste, look, repeat

Hey look
There’s nothing inside
Nothing inside
Nothing inside

Hey look
Something should be inside
There should be something
Should be something


Track Name: free
the boy hasn't slept
the whole world's before his eyes
his life isn't finished yet
he was wating for the sunrise

so boy dont worry 'bout a thing
you're more than just nothing
no matter what they tell you
youre enough being you

so boy give it your all
show everyone what you got
dont be afraid to fall
you have more than just one shot

and boy, we'll be there with you
so you are never alone
we'll love you through it all
nothing can bring you down

they boy he is asleep
theres something he can still get
his life didn't end yet
he is waiting for the sunset
tyttö koettaa saavuttaa
jonkun toisen unelmaa
kädellänsä kurkottaa
mut tarttuu pelkkään ilmaan

ei omat unelmat riittäneet
ei kädet kauaksi yltäneet
hän epäonnistumiset
peittää, lauseet punaiset

mut ei väriä saa väriksi
muuttumaan niin helposti
ei värikynää peitetäkkään
piiloon kovin helposti

ei mun omat kyyneleet
koskaan mua kantaneet
ne koskaan eivät kylväneet
tarpeeksi ei huuhtoneet

suruani en pois mä saa
ehkä koskaan puhdistaa
tätä toisen unelmaa
en voi koskaan omistaa

vaikka kuinka liimaiskaan
ei värityskirjasta sivuja
irti repimällä voi saada
kuvia omaan maailmaan

vaikka kuinka värittää ne
värit joskus häviää
ei hän omaan maailmaansa
saa väritöntä kuvaakaan

eikä väriä saa väriksi
muuttumaan niin helposti
ei värikynää peitetäkkään
piiloon kovin helposti

vaikka kuinka liimaiskaan
ei värityskirjasta sivuja
irti repimällä voi saada
kuvia omaan maailmaan
Track Name: BURN ALIVE
"i wanna be like you"
"and hey, me too!"
i want to hear that
"i wanna be like you
just like you!"
i wish to hear that
but i cannot see
why somebody
would aim to be me
and i wish to be
just completely
somebody not me

"hey did you hear?
it ended.
the world, probably"
it ended sadly
ended up dying"
no one left behind
no one in sight
it's dead silent
and i, like everyone
am now far gone
i wish to say that

theres something in your head
i laugh out loud;
as if i didnt know
lying still on my bed
im drowning in
this god damn sorrow
this cliche trope it keeps
on repeating
and i am waiting

burn myself alive

"i wanna be like you,
kinda like you"
i want to hear that
"i like being me"
"i know it's me!"
i wish to say that
if i need to end
the whole world
for me to leave here
then i won't regret
if i set
the whole world ablaze

i dont want to see
fulfilling their dreams
when i cannot do
the same as you
i can't fulfill them
i'm lost in my head
lie on my bed
pretending i'm dead
nobody needs me
and finally
i take my own life

about to hang myself
if i had the courage to do it
but since i don't i guess
i'll just lay down
don't wanna be seen
theres nothing i can do
nothing you can do
and i stay like this

there's nothing just a wish
can do to this
to end my misery
i can never be
like everybody
to be happy
and i'm going to pray
to end my days
we die anyway
ah, i wanna die
i wanna die
i just wanna die

burn myself alive
Track Name: A Song About Suicide
i don't see a reason
to write down any pretty words
i'm pathetic
a coward
it's so easy to pretend
but do you really think it's easy to forget?
i'm not blaming you.
it's MY fault.

this is not a song
about getting along
this isn't an apology
it's my apathy

this isn't a letter
to wish that things were better
this isn't a wish
i won't take that kind of a risk
i would never do
this to you
i'm such a fool

you'd never understand the things i said

(hajimete no hana wa sotto
kotonoha wo furiotosu
nakunatta mono no koe wa kikoezu ni kieta
saikyou no ki wa sotto
haji ni mamire furiochiru
sono rakka no ne wo kiku hito wa inai)

(boku no me wo tozashi, juu made kazoete
me wo aketara kimi wa mou inai
dakara nidoto me wo akeru koto ni shinai)

笑顔を付けて 抑えきって
嘲笑いで 君はそのまま消えた
(kimi jishin no aruku michi wa yatsura ni mirarenai
jama mono wo mieru wa kimi dake sa
egao wo tsukete osaekitte
shinu made daremo kizukanai kara
azawarai de kimi wa sono mama kieta)

this is not a song
trying to make you strong
this is not my hatred
for your hands so red

this is not my fight
to make everything right
i am not that girl
who can change the whole world

i should've never showed this to you
i'm such a fool
you'd never try to understand what i said

(natsu no hajimete no konoha wa
sotto jimen ni ochiteiku
nakunatta mono wo nidoto modosenai
aisarerubeki ou wa
haji ni mamire korogeochiru
kare no sonzai ga wasuresareteyuku)

君の目を閉ざし 三まで数えて
(kimi no me wo tozashi san made kazoete
me wo aketara boku wa mou inai
dakara korekara mo tozashita mama de ite)

(sora ga yoku mieru basho wa koko shika aru wakenai
hoshi wo akaruku mieru no wa kimi dake sa
namida wo naisho ni shite yo
shinu made dare mo kizukanai kara
nakunatta kimi wa waraigoe wo kikoeru)

this song isn't about you
it's not about you
don't let it be you
Track Name: Grave
this is my grave
this is my end
this is my farewell
you may never cross paths with me again
you might never see me again
do you consider that a bad thing?
i don't think you should

get rid of me
and finally
be you
and be free

this is where i lay my head to rest